Spree Frenzy

Posted on: September 26, 2006

For the past 4 nights, SW and I have been heavily indulging in online shopping. There were too many good items that we just can’t resist! Once again, I hope by posting it here, we won’t fall victim to the out-of-stock-curse. Hehe.

Remember this beautifool tee? We finally bought it! Cost us only about $24. Can’t wait to pair it with bermuda shorts. And jeans, of cos.

This lovely salmon colored Abercrombie & Fitch fleece hoodie should be mine in a few weeks’ time. I hope the colour runs true to the picture. And that it’ll fit me. Heh.

And then we participated in a Taiwan Auctions spree. Trust me, being a non-Mandarin speaker/writer, I had to rely on web translation services to make my orders and it was pure hassle. But really, worth the effort. Check out my Botkier-inspired (ahem) tote in coffee. It’s only $31. Good deal 🙂

And of cos SW had her tote, too. This time round, it’s a Ferragamo-inspired classic handbag. It was hot in demand, judging by the number of orders for it. Another sweet deal at $37.

And then finally, a few hours ago, I got myself this Matte Heart Necklace from my favourite store, Forever 21. I like how it’s really versatile and trendy. Yep, these long big pendant necklaces are definitely the thing now. Grins.

I just can’t wait for all of them to turn up at my mailbox. The wait is torturous. 😦



2 Responses to "Spree Frenzy"

hey, i tried ordering a bag from a hk / taiwan auction (can’t remember which one) too, but the spree got cancelled! boo.. what site are those bags from??

hey sorry for the late reply! its from bigi bags or smth. yep under one of the sprees, too. but yah, taiwan auctions are really slow in shipping. boo!

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