Mango fall/winter 06

Posted on: September 26, 2006

Mango jeans line is always affordable. And i do like Mango jeans for their designs which are up to date with the street cult brands. And the jeans do not expand too much after washes. Especially good buys during their sales 😀

The latest range by them is definitely not disappointing. Me and Sb went to a local Mango store and saw many denims we liked. Some are on the website, like these

Im loving the pocket detail alot. Hearts. Its similar to one of the designs by rock republic. If im not wrong, Kyndra from Laguna beach was seen donning the rock reps. But this is a good substitute. Affordable, decent quality and nice wash. 😀

This is quite nice. The pockets might be a shock to some. But looking at it longer makes the jeans nicer. 😀 Unique pocket design and i like the Mango label on this pair, very ala True Religion.

I like the cutting of this pair alot. 🙂 Its not bootcut, more slim but not too skinny. And the subtle designs on the pocket definitely gains points. Not too flashy but definitely not plain too. 😀

And i saw this top a few weeks ago in a local store and did not snap it up coz of some kind of stupidity. 😦 And very much regretting it now. Sighs.

Into three quarter sleeves now. And i like the collage thingy going on at the front. Very street chic and will go so well with my capris and my new brown cargo bottoms! So want this!



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