University Fashion Boo-Boos

Posted on: September 24, 2006

Rejoice cos it’s the mid-semester break right now for both SW and I. Grins. Alas, there are still term essays and tests to do but at least it’s a week holiday for us. 🙂 After half a semester in school, I’ve seen a couple of fashion disasters walking around campus. Please, do not attempt this at all:

Pairing long boho skirts with heels. First of all, the boho rage is definitely out. You could still wear those skirts, but try stay away from the ultimate tiered long ones, please. And if you still insist on utilizing your beloved skirts, pair them with flip flops and a top that matches well with the colour of your skirt.

Wearing free t-shirts. Granted, they are yours for free and you may well want to show off your university’s name/society etc. But please don’t wear them to school. They belong at home only. Period.

Those tiny FBT shorts people wear to the track or gym. Okay, you may have beautiful legs like Jennifer Aniston. But there are many other tailored shorts to show them off. And double gasps if you don’t even have her legs to begin with.

Those long kaftan/tunics that you get from roadside stalls. Okay, you may feel bloated that day. But sigh, they look so pasar malam and cheap. *shrugs*

Pairing formal pants with tees. It’s a mistake to do this. The formal with informal. If you need pants, try the more casual cuttings. Make sure the material isn’t too glossy or too black. Try brown, khaki and the likes. If need be, pair them with a smart blouse or a plain tee and accessorise, accessorise. No shirts yet! You’re still in school for goodness sake.

Capris with loose-fitting tees. Okay, I was guilty of this. To make things easier, I’ve steered away form capris and embraced the bermuda shorts with much love. Grins. But capris can still be worn, with flats, not slippers. With fitting tees, not cheap-looking or even free tees.

Prom dresses. I’m not kidding. I saw one in my lecture with such a pretty and sweet dress. She had to pair it with heels so she looked like she was going to a fancy dinner party afterwards. Okay maybe you have social events after school but there’s always the bring-me-to-dinner-after-school-look that don’t require much dressing up. Tsk.



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