Great Online Shopping Sites

Posted on: September 24, 2006

SW and I do alot of online shopping. Mainly for tops and accessories cos it’s really difficult to estimate sizes for bottoms. And handbags incur pretty high shipping costs. But the key to online shopping is patience. Sometimes our items can take more than a month! (But never stretching beyond 2 months). Here’s a list of some of the sites we’ve tried:

Forever 21 – we love their casual and dressy tops. their accessories are lovely too. very affordable and rarely gives problems.

American Eagle – their tees are really cute for school. sometimes their bags are also to die for. look out for their clearance items. really sweet deals.

Delias – again, their clearance tops are to die for! a great place to get junk food tees at cheaper prices. downside, though, ordering is pretty much a hassle. beware of getting your orders cancelled due to credit card verification probs etc.

Asos – this UK webbie is well known for their celebrity-inspired items. their necklaces and bracelets can go as cheap asUS$1.50 during sale seasons.

Alloy – their stuffs are nothing much to rave about but they’re really cheap. check out the rare nice skirts and tees. some junk food ones also go on clearance sale here.

Threadless – this is a great site for cool printed tees. prices are really very low (10 bucks) during sale times (check out their webbie regularly to know when) and shipping is relatively faster and more reliable.

Target – they offer really comfy and sheer lightweight printed tees that are value-for-money. some bags are not that bad too. but shipping time takes quite some time, one of the slowest.

Wetseal – really cheap and great tops. but sometimes shipping takes quite some time too.

Victoria’s Secret – their tops are pretty pricey but check out their sales specials and clearance. beware that their sizings run bigger. you will probably have to buy a size or two smaller.

15 dollar store – i tried this webbie once. like what the title suggests, everything there goes for 15 bucks. shipping took slightly over a month but it was worth the wait. grins

Karmaloop – this urban streetwear webbie has some great deals if you’re looking for junk food, loop nyc and other streetwear brands (gwen’s harajuku line included). their clearance items have some decent prices.

E.L.F. – this makeup store has stuffs that are dirt cheap! they’re not bad too, for the prices they offer. get your brushes at dirt cheap prices here. shipping was fine. even with shipping costs, they’re still really very cheap. grins.

Alright, that’s about all that I remember for now. Do tell us of anymore interesting webbies if you have any. Or your online shopping experiences. 😀


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