Blag ‘Em

Posted on: September 22, 2006

I’m lately into classic black leather totes. If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then these designers ought to be. Their creations have been so inspiring, they come in cheaper materials and prices for those who can’t afford the real deal (yet).

Take this Botkier Bianca tote. I have seen some in school (don’t ask about authenticity). They’re a little larger and can possibly fit files and A4 stuffs. It gives a good rocker-girl vibe.

The classic Tod’s handbag seems a must for any career woman. On board the train, I have seen many rip-offs that are of poorer finishing. I must say, why not invest in something very practical yet stylish when you’re already earning more?

I pointed this out to SW awhile ago. Forever 21 has the exact same copy of this, of cos without the Marc Jacobs logo on it. It’s much cheaper too, duh. I think it was around $60? I’m into the quilted pattern lately. I used to think they were gaudy but nah.

This really adorable Kooba Lena belted tote is still pretty new, I think. Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen carbon copies of it yet. I like the srcunched up effect. It’s really stylish.



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