Asos strikes, again

Posted on: September 21, 2006

Asos always had the cutest accessories and of late, they did not produce anything decent. Till i was searching the webbie for nice stuffs just now. Since im on a necklaces hunt, shall review some of the really cute stuffs i saw. 😀

This double wings angel necklace is so adorable. Simple but classy. And i like how it hangs off the necklace, a different touch definitely. And i think its versatile enough to be worn with anything!

If you can see the teeny necklace, its actually a figurine of two kids, boy and girl kissing. How cute is that. Heh and the good thing is its small! I think i saw something like this on a while back but the pendant was humongous. Another simple versatile pair that can just spice up the tee jeans combo.

Long necklaces are all the rage now. And this circle pendant is nothing fancy but somehow it looks really good when worn. Plus i really love the model’s top. Grins. But plus point, the gold chain is ups the chic factor.

This double layered heart necklace is a thumbs up. I dont really particularly like heart motifs. But this one is different especially with the layering effect ala LC in The Hills. 😀

Oh Oh im dying to own a necklace like this! I like the silver rings and strands. Its chunky but not too overly thick. 😀 It will help render an outfit a more formal touch. And of late, im into these purely silver long layered necklaces rather than those mixed with coloured necklaces.

Anyways since we at fashionowy are concern bout financial matters. all necklaces are below 20USD. Available at



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