Posted on: September 15, 2006

Nordstrom’s Junior department has some great finds if you browse through carefully. Here are some gems I’ve discovered.

This sweet babydoll top by Love Squared is such a darling. Pair it with tights or skinny jeans and you’re good to go! A little steep at US$28.

Another sweet and lovely top by Love Squred. This ruffle-trimmed blouse has great chest details and ruched sleeves. A tad sheer, though. US$24.90.

This Love Squared puff sleeve top is a personal fave of mine. It’s interesting how a drabby colour like gray doesn’t look that drabby here on dark skin tones. šŸ˜€ It’s only US$17.90 and if not for my poor state of balance, I’d have contemplated buying. šŸ˜¦

This thermal is great for rainy days (like now!). Just pair it with a snug pair jeans, flip flops, pull your hair up and perhaps with a simple necklace, you’re the epitome of cosy chic. US$21.90.

And finally, this YSL Muse-inspired tote is not that bad. At US$38.00

Yesterday SW and I roamed about town. We fell in love with the quilted Balenciaga-inspired tote. It’s the most coveted bag for us both right now. Sighs.



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