Go Jane

Posted on: September 10, 2006

I’ve never really liked anything from GoJane. To me, the clothes never really looked enticing, and they did not have a particular enticing style. But i know alot of people rave bout their affordable shoes especially the ala Stuart Weitzman ones. Such as this:

Well I always thought the stacked heel thingy is nice. But i dont think you will get much comfort buying such a shoe for a low price. Blisters awaits. And anyways, how can anyone totter around in 4.5 inch heels 😦 Beyond me.

But as i was surfing through the webbie, i actually saw some stuffs i quite liked.

These strappy ala gladiator sandals are cute. The strappy design does not make it look sloppy like many sandals tend to look. It will look good with skirts and berm shorts. Not too sure bout jeans though. Probably not suit the denim get-up. SB does not like it though, saying its too strappy, hah!

I truly heart this one! I can picture these buying absolutely versatile. Can be worn with anything! Jeans, skirts, berm shorts, capris and the list goes on. Its almost like my trusty havaianas with a twist. 😀

This is probably the only pair of wedges/ high heels with a common-sensical heel height. Its about 3.5 inches high. And i always had a thing for espadrilles ribbony type of shoes. But i still think its too high for me. And im scared the ribbon tie around might choke my ankles since the shoes look pretty heavy 😦

And the clothes aint too bad too. But a tad pricey.

My phase of satin shirts. From the picture, the cutting looks nice. And the waistband tie around is nice. Ties in everything and makes the thing look less, flowy, giving it more shape. But oh wells, i doubt i can carry this off without looking like i’m a middle aged woman. ‘_’

Another one of the satin shirts. Only difference is this piece has designs. Pretty like the design. But of course, wear it wrongly and the middle aged woman tag sets in.

And this cute polka dotted shirt dress! It spells retro! But it will look good with tights or tight capris 😀



2 Responses to "Go Jane"

I second the strappy sandals! N with stacked heels, the extra height under e front part of e shoe would ‘reduce’ the 4.5 inch heel at e back..

i must i agree i love there shoes but they never have the right sizes avaible! i am very tiny and i wear a 00 and a size 5 in shoes so nothin fits me 😦 its very sad!!

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