Shirt rage

Posted on: September 9, 2006

The shirt rage is so rampant of late. I’ve seen so many sporting the loose shirt and belt combo to school. Or just a simple striped shirt. Im beginning to be a convert 😀 Shirts can be less formal if paired with jeans or even bermuda shorts, knee length please. Too short bermuda shorts will throw it off balance. Accessorizing is important too to make sure it doesn’t look plain. Here are some I’ve seen of late at Forever21 and Werseal.

Im really beginning to like this satin type of shirts. But of course, to pull it off, it needs to be nicely fitted or else it will look cheap. I like how it can be paired with jeans and still look ‘proper’ enough for more formal events. I heart the tie waist on this piece. 😀

Finally Forever21 caught the Victorian ruffley bug that hit my country quite a while ago. Was never into such tops, but this one is pretty cute. Loving the puffed sleeves and ruffles effect. Downside is the cheap tie waist 😦 And the picture is really poorly taken, coz if you look closely you can see the shirt wrinkly.

I’ve been seeing such shirts with waisted belts all around my campus. And i always thought the slightly bigger shirt with waisted belt combo is nice. Told SB and she thought it was ridiculous and it turned out to be a fashion statement now! Anyways, this would look super cute with leggings. But those who despise leggings can jus wear it with a pair of fitted black capris 😀

Its so difficult to find nicely printed plaid shirts. Most either look cheap or tacky. Saw a nice one from American Eagle a while back but now its already off their catalogue. But this one definitely caught my eye. I really like the puffed sleeves effect here as well. Makes the piece more girly. Im not into the pockets too much though. ‘_’



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