Posted on: September 4, 2006

Having bought so many bags over the past year, both SW and I are running out of space for them in our tiny rooms. We each have this “bin bag” thing where we dump all our bags in it. It’s proving to be much of a hassle since we have to dig deep in the “bin” and some old totes have been left unused. 😦

Turns out, Kyndra, the new bitchy kid in Laguna Beach 3, provided us with a gem of an idea to place our bags! As we were watching the overdrive show over at MTV’s website, we caught her hanging her bags (LV included!) on a coat hanger. We thought, hey, that’s a good idea.

So subconsciously, I’ve been wanting and searching for the right coat hanger. Alas, being in a tropical island here, few shops actually sell those (no one wants to be caught dead in a coat at 30 degrees celcius here!). I was surfing Ikea’s website and found this. Too bad it’s only at their US (and Europe I suppose) outlets.

And the Hat Rack below can also be a good alternative to the coat stand. I could possibly arrange the more structured bags on the top shelf, while hanging the rest from the hooks below.

But I still want that coat stand. *pouts*

Tell us, pls, how do you arrange or keep all your bag collection?



6 Responses to "Wanted"

I put my smaller bags (handbags) in a drawer, and the big ones hung, err, on an S hook which is then hung on my window grill.

You could also buy 3M hooks and fix them on your wall in a line! They don’t need any drilling or hammering ‘cos you fix them using this sticker-like thing which is provided, and the best thing is, they are removeable and don’t leave any stain on your wall! (That is, if you believe what the packaging says). That way, if you get sick of the arrangement, you can remove them and re-fix in another arrangement – there are extra stickers provided. I’ve fixed and then removed a hook on the wall of my cupboard before, and no paint peeled off.

Currently I have hooks on that same cupboard wall to hang my necklaces, wanna see?

Oh yeah, you could probably find a cheaper and slightly simpler version of the coat hanger at your neighbourhood furniture shop! Try and look around, you never know what gems you may uncover at those humble stores..

hi…well i keep al my bags wich i use very frequetly on lil colored hooks wich i hav gotten fixed in my closet room n d others i keep inside im cupboard hangin from diff hooks wich i stuck on the side:)…ur guyz rock…i love ur site…can u plz tell me where d green thermal is from and is purchasing on the net safe?

Hi Priya! Thanks for ur insight and lovely comments 😀 Anyways, the thermal is from Nordstrom. You can reach their webbie here: I guess there are risks involved but so far, we haven’t experienced any mishaps yet!


r u guys indians? i visited singapore dis summer n i loved it..didn hav much time to shop so i basically picked up some stuff at the sun tec mall n can u plz tell me some cool sites from where i can pik up some cool tees n i m a gr8 fan of d chanel luxury bowlin bag myself ….ur site was 1 place where i cud jus connect wit ur kind of choice….luvz.. keep up d good work 🙂

nope, we aren’t indians. 🙂 but yep we are singaporeans definitely. haha. anyways, check out the latest post for some cool sites. and keep visiting us always. grins.

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