Posted on: September 3, 2006

This webbie is a gem, SB and I are big fans of vintage tees and this one definitely is a mix of threadless with the vintage feel. And a big pluspoint, the tees go off for 49 percent off! My my, how not to resist:D

This tee comes from the slighly more expensive 22 USD range, which is the original price before discount. I love the slogan and yellow vintage tees are always cute. Sunny washed out colour.

This tee almost doesn’t look vintage. Nonetheless, the print is spunky and bright. It also very reminiscent of the 80s. Very retro!

From the cheaper 11 USD range (before discount!). The colour combi here reminds me of the brazillian flag. But i like it! Very old school feel too.

I like the tan/natural colour against the brown prints. Maybe more suitable for darker skinned people. Also from the cheaper range!

So peoples, what you waiting for! Buy away! But of course, hope that does not make one of my items Out Of Stock since i bought one of the designs mentioned above 😉



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