Shower me with tiffany

Posted on: September 3, 2006

Tiffany, little turqoise boxes. Oh-so-pretty. Cant wait to get my hands on one of these, well ive to wait. In the meantime, i shall just admire from afar. 😀

Oh sighs. I have been eyeing this for the longest time ever. I love charm bracelets and this is a timeless classic. Versatile and trendy. But my sister had to spoil it by saying its ugly and looks like bicycle chains!

I discovered that this open heart concept originates from Tiffany. One of their classics. I cant imagine the numerous rip-offs i have seen. Anyway this is a simple piece but easy to match. 😀

I really heart this ring but its super expensive! Its chunky yet has clean lines. I love the fludiity in this design. Another versatile piece. Thats what i really like about Tiffany Silver collection.

Someone please buy me this ring! Just like the above ring, chunky yet simple. I can imagine wearing this anywhere ‘_’

Oh wells. I shall wait for my turqoise box



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