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I finally realised my dreams of owning a proper polo tee. The craze last time was polo ralph but since lacoste entered the scene, its definitely ‘the’ brand for polos now. And i bet for a long time to come too.

 So say hello to my latest wardrobe addition.

The mini pique stretch polo from Lacoste in hot pink. 😀 The colour may be a tad flashy but oh wells, i like it loads. And next up is probably the black one here. A sturdy basic that can see me through seasons. Somehow not available in the stores here.

Anyways, the material is super soft. Cutting is superb, slim fit just like how i like it. And, i love how the shoulders are big enough. Most tees or polos have too tiny shoulders that scrunch up the sleeves.

Money well spent 🙂



For the past 4 nights, SW and I have been heavily indulging in online shopping. There were too many good items that we just can’t resist! Once again, I hope by posting it here, we won’t fall victim to the out-of-stock-curse. Hehe.

Remember this beautifool tee? We finally bought it! Cost us only about $24. Can’t wait to pair it with bermuda shorts. And jeans, of cos.

This lovely salmon colored Abercrombie & Fitch fleece hoodie should be mine in a few weeks’ time. I hope the colour runs true to the picture. And that it’ll fit me. Heh.

And then we participated in a Taiwan Auctions spree. Trust me, being a non-Mandarin speaker/writer, I had to rely on web translation services to make my orders and it was pure hassle. But really, worth the effort. Check out my Botkier-inspired (ahem) tote in coffee. It’s only $31. Good deal 🙂

And of cos SW had her tote, too. This time round, it’s a Ferragamo-inspired classic handbag. It was hot in demand, judging by the number of orders for it. Another sweet deal at $37.

And then finally, a few hours ago, I got myself this Matte Heart Necklace from my favourite store, Forever 21. I like how it’s really versatile and trendy. Yep, these long big pendant necklaces are definitely the thing now. Grins.

I just can’t wait for all of them to turn up at my mailbox. The wait is torturous. 😦


Mango jeans line is always affordable. And i do like Mango jeans for their designs which are up to date with the street cult brands. And the jeans do not expand too much after washes. Especially good buys during their sales 😀

The latest range by them is definitely not disappointing. Me and Sb went to a local Mango store and saw many denims we liked. Some are on the website, like these

Im loving the pocket detail alot. Hearts. Its similar to one of the designs by rock republic. If im not wrong, Kyndra from Laguna beach was seen donning the rock reps. But this is a good substitute. Affordable, decent quality and nice wash. 😀

This is quite nice. The pockets might be a shock to some. But looking at it longer makes the jeans nicer. 😀 Unique pocket design and i like the Mango label on this pair, very ala True Religion.

I like the cutting of this pair alot. 🙂 Its not bootcut, more slim but not too skinny. And the subtle designs on the pocket definitely gains points. Not too flashy but definitely not plain too. 😀

And i saw this top a few weeks ago in a local store and did not snap it up coz of some kind of stupidity. 😦 And very much regretting it now. Sighs.

Into three quarter sleeves now. And i like the collage thingy going on at the front. Very street chic and will go so well with my capris and my new brown cargo bottoms! So want this!


Rejoice cos it’s the mid-semester break right now for both SW and I. Grins. Alas, there are still term essays and tests to do but at least it’s a week holiday for us. 🙂 After half a semester in school, I’ve seen a couple of fashion disasters walking around campus. Please, do not attempt this at all:

Pairing long boho skirts with heels. First of all, the boho rage is definitely out. You could still wear those skirts, but try stay away from the ultimate tiered long ones, please. And if you still insist on utilizing your beloved skirts, pair them with flip flops and a top that matches well with the colour of your skirt.

Wearing free t-shirts. Granted, they are yours for free and you may well want to show off your university’s name/society etc. But please don’t wear them to school. They belong at home only. Period.

Those tiny FBT shorts people wear to the track or gym. Okay, you may have beautiful legs like Jennifer Aniston. But there are many other tailored shorts to show them off. And double gasps if you don’t even have her legs to begin with.

Those long kaftan/tunics that you get from roadside stalls. Okay, you may feel bloated that day. But sigh, they look so pasar malam and cheap. *shrugs*

Pairing formal pants with tees. It’s a mistake to do this. The formal with informal. If you need pants, try the more casual cuttings. Make sure the material isn’t too glossy or too black. Try brown, khaki and the likes. If need be, pair them with a smart blouse or a plain tee and accessorise, accessorise. No shirts yet! You’re still in school for goodness sake.

Capris with loose-fitting tees. Okay, I was guilty of this. To make things easier, I’ve steered away form capris and embraced the bermuda shorts with much love. Grins. But capris can still be worn, with flats, not slippers. With fitting tees, not cheap-looking or even free tees.

Prom dresses. I’m not kidding. I saw one in my lecture with such a pretty and sweet dress. She had to pair it with heels so she looked like she was going to a fancy dinner party afterwards. Okay maybe you have social events after school but there’s always the bring-me-to-dinner-after-school-look that don’t require much dressing up. Tsk.


SW and I do alot of online shopping. Mainly for tops and accessories cos it’s really difficult to estimate sizes for bottoms. And handbags incur pretty high shipping costs. But the key to online shopping is patience. Sometimes our items can take more than a month! (But never stretching beyond 2 months). Here’s a list of some of the sites we’ve tried:

Forever 21 – we love their casual and dressy tops. their accessories are lovely too. very affordable and rarely gives problems.

American Eagle – their tees are really cute for school. sometimes their bags are also to die for. look out for their clearance items. really sweet deals.

Delias – again, their clearance tops are to die for! a great place to get junk food tees at cheaper prices. downside, though, ordering is pretty much a hassle. beware of getting your orders cancelled due to credit card verification probs etc.

Asos – this UK webbie is well known for their celebrity-inspired items. their necklaces and bracelets can go as cheap asUS$1.50 during sale seasons.

Alloy – their stuffs are nothing much to rave about but they’re really cheap. check out the rare nice skirts and tees. some junk food ones also go on clearance sale here.

Threadless – this is a great site for cool printed tees. prices are really very low (10 bucks) during sale times (check out their webbie regularly to know when) and shipping is relatively faster and more reliable.

Target – they offer really comfy and sheer lightweight printed tees that are value-for-money. some bags are not that bad too. but shipping time takes quite some time, one of the slowest.

Wetseal – really cheap and great tops. but sometimes shipping takes quite some time too.

Victoria’s Secret – their tops are pretty pricey but check out their sales specials and clearance. beware that their sizings run bigger. you will probably have to buy a size or two smaller.

15 dollar store – i tried this webbie once. like what the title suggests, everything there goes for 15 bucks. shipping took slightly over a month but it was worth the wait. grins

Karmaloop – this urban streetwear webbie has some great deals if you’re looking for junk food, loop nyc and other streetwear brands (gwen’s harajuku line included). their clearance items have some decent prices.

E.L.F. – this makeup store has stuffs that are dirt cheap! they’re not bad too, for the prices they offer. get your brushes at dirt cheap prices here. shipping was fine. even with shipping costs, they’re still really very cheap. grins.

Alright, that’s about all that I remember for now. Do tell us of anymore interesting webbies if you have any. Or your online shopping experiences. 😀

I’m lately into classic black leather totes. If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then these designers ought to be. Their creations have been so inspiring, they come in cheaper materials and prices for those who can’t afford the real deal (yet).

Take this Botkier Bianca tote. I have seen some in school (don’t ask about authenticity). They’re a little larger and can possibly fit files and A4 stuffs. It gives a good rocker-girl vibe.

The classic Tod’s handbag seems a must for any career woman. On board the train, I have seen many rip-offs that are of poorer finishing. I must say, why not invest in something very practical yet stylish when you’re already earning more?

I pointed this out to SW awhile ago. Forever 21 has the exact same copy of this, of cos without the Marc Jacobs logo on it. It’s much cheaper too, duh. I think it was around $60? I’m into the quilted pattern lately. I used to think they were gaudy but nah.

This really adorable Kooba Lena belted tote is still pretty new, I think. Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen carbon copies of it yet. I like the srcunched up effect. It’s really stylish.


Asos always had the cutest accessories and of late, they did not produce anything decent. Till i was searching the webbie for nice stuffs just now. Since im on a necklaces hunt, shall review some of the really cute stuffs i saw. 😀

This double wings angel necklace is so adorable. Simple but classy. And i like how it hangs off the necklace, a different touch definitely. And i think its versatile enough to be worn with anything!

If you can see the teeny necklace, its actually a figurine of two kids, boy and girl kissing. How cute is that. Heh and the good thing is its small! I think i saw something like this on a while back but the pendant was humongous. Another simple versatile pair that can just spice up the tee jeans combo.

Long necklaces are all the rage now. And this circle pendant is nothing fancy but somehow it looks really good when worn. Plus i really love the model’s top. Grins. But plus point, the gold chain is ups the chic factor.

This double layered heart necklace is a thumbs up. I dont really particularly like heart motifs. But this one is different especially with the layering effect ala LC in The Hills. 😀

Oh Oh im dying to own a necklace like this! I like the silver rings and strands. Its chunky but not too overly thick. 😀 It will help render an outfit a more formal touch. And of late, im into these purely silver long layered necklaces rather than those mixed with coloured necklaces.

Anyways since we at fashionowy are concern bout financial matters. all necklaces are below 20USD. Available at