Obsession part 2

Posted on: August 30, 2006

Besides f21, i do love coach and their designs. Simple, classy, not too flashy and moderately priced compared to the other labels. Since school just started, here are some bags from coach ideal sized for school. But of course, still out of reach. 😦

This bag is definitely roomy for school. And relatively reasonably priced. I though the brown banded thing was ugly when i saw it on the webbie. But upon seeing it in real life, it adds a touch of class to the bag. Oh but the reversible part is ridiculous, it makes the bag look ugly.

This braided strap leather tote has a nice structured shape  to it. The white version is nice as well but it reminds me of Charles & Keith bags 😦 So the brown version gets the thumbs up. The distressed feel is also edgy. It is versatile as well.

This is off the latest collection. If you can see coz the picture is small, the front buckle adds a new touch. Abit more formal looking but still appropriate for school. Like the slightly longer shape, not too squarish.

This is almost identical to the bag above, save for the difference in monogram and colour. Somehow i prefer this to the top although the top bag is more of a classic. This is definitely something more new and up-to-date.



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