Obsession part 1

Posted on: August 30, 2006

Lately, forever 21 has been churning out new designs day in day out, tempting me and SB coz all the clothes are basically what we really want in tops šŸ˜€ Its almost like mind reading. Alas, we are not made of money. So this few stuffs shall just be for viewing pleasure. “_”

This jersey tunic has a tie at the back of the waist. How flattering for the figure. Love the shade of blue as well. And it will look super good with tights.

This satin shirt is pretty nice. Although i did tell SB its something like i wore for my pjs. Maybe it will look good with a pair of crisp white berm shorts šŸ™‚

Raglans are defintely a must have for schools. But the thing is i think it will look only good with jeans. Oh wells, this will look great with a pair of long length jeans and slippers. Casual but can spice it up with a long necklace or bangles.

We seldom gush about non jun food tees. But this is an exception. Nice shade of red. And the graphic is cute. Simple.

Plaid bermudas! Dying to own one. Wanted to buy this pair of the webbie but can never trust sizings for bottom coz they vary so much! But i really like this pair. Sighs will hunt it down at the local f21 store which will be at least 10 bucks more šŸ˜¦

PS: Sorry for tiny pictures, did not enlarge it when i cut the pictures šŸ˜€



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