Posted on: August 26, 2006

As a child growing up, i thought monogrammed bags were distasteful. Why would you want the brand initials stamped all over. And especially so since there are monogrammed fakes literally EVERYWHERE. Alas, i became a convert the day my sister bought the dior monogrammed wallet. And since then on, whenever im looking through designer bags, i no longer eye their leather desgins and look straight for the latest monogrammed ones.

My sis bought this LV batignolles horizontal. It looks normal in the picture. But nothing beats the real thing. Its roomy yet classy. 😀 And the good thing is, my sister allows me to bring it to school as and when i want to 😀

The classic LV speedy bag. ‘The’ signature monogrammed bag from LV. Heidi from the Hills was seen carrying this around throughout the season. Its a smaller sized bag. Perfect for weekend days out. Not too big but neither too small. Catch is, when the bag seasons out, the speedy loses shape making it looks a tad saggy. Nonetheless, very chic simple.

This is called the dior trotter bag. And similar measurements to the LV batignolles. Meaning it can fit a4. Good for students like me. But, of course not like i can afford it anytime soon. The dior gaucho is so well-known, so why not a look at their monogrammed items. And this one is effortlessly classy. I especially like the cream colour and straps. Somehow the straps look a tad chanel-like. But it adds the glam factor in the bag,

Gucci Pelham. I really heart the creamy colour and rich texture. The braided straps makes it look more casual than the classic leather types. And of course, this is the signature Gucci shape bag. 😀 Always good to start off a branded handbag collection with something signature-ish. Good thing is, Gucci is one of the few designer houses which have end season sales, slashing up to 30 percent off.

While i was at looking at the LV and Diors. I noticed this pair of cool sunnies. Sighs, since Laguna Beach and the Hills, i’ve had a thing for sunnies. Too bad my sunny country do not have peoples who are into donning this accessory 😦 So people whom are seen wearing it feels a tad odd. Nonetheless, this pair of sunnies rock! I love the rectangularish shape since i have a roundish face, perfect 😀 And i like the simple Dior logo at the side. And white is uber chic colour as well. Oh wells ‘_’



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