Hair style check

Posted on: August 19, 2006

I am one hairband/headband crazy girl. So imagine when I found these really pretty hairbands going for only US$4.99. With shipping here, it’d probably cost around S$10 plus ish.

This tooth-edged leather-like hairband is so unique! It’ll go well with vintage tees for a more rugged look. Available in gold, mahogany, brown and black. I think brown (as seen on model) or mahogany would go well with my black hair. It’s also available in a thicker version but I much prefer this.

This retro chain hairband is so simple and functional. Also available in white.

This dainty leather buckle hairband reeks of Paris Hilton. It’s sweet and girly but I’m not sure if the buckle would portrude in a weird kind of way when worn. Also available in black.

But if you prefer copying the looks of LC and her Pucci scarves, then this would be a good and cheaper alternative.

It has such bright psychedelic colours ala Pucci’s. But for a mere US$9.99, it’s satin instead of silk.

If you liked what you’ve seen here, you may like this webbie: Celebshades.


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