Back to school style

Posted on: August 19, 2006

Its back to school for me. And being in a fashion-concious faculty albeit we are not fashion students šŸ™‚ going to school have been fun to people watch. The girls dress to the nines for school and i shall review some of the trends i have been seeing around school šŸ˜€

Long tanks are in. And often layered with another colour. Some even add the cinched belt around the waist.

Knits like these are also seen layered with tanks for a more dressy effect šŸ˜€ This tie around found on this piece makes it sweet and dainty.

As mentioned, the cinched belt is quite the in thing around campus. Although the woven belts are still around. This goes with big oversized shirts, long tanks, flowy tops. It ties in the look and do make the outfit come together. But of course you need to be able to carry it off. šŸ™‚

Pinstripe bermudas such as these are definitely the trend as well. Can be paired with plain tanks and tees.


Plaid bermudas also make up the berms scene. And this one seems slightly less formal looking than the pinstripe ones. Can be even paired with a vintage tee to play down the somewhat formal print.

Skinny jeans are also the rage. With rock and republic being the fave brand of many. It goes well with all the fashion trends of this season.

To tie in all the looks featured above, many are seen in pointy covered shoes. Be it heels or not. It definitely makes the whole outfit more polished. So the havainas craze in my campus seem to be dying down šŸ˜€

Chunky necklaces are no longer the rage. Dainty long pieces like this and in my previous post, that hangs long are also the craze. Well, it is definitely more convenient to wear than the long ones that sway around while you write šŸ˜€

So if you are starting school, these are some style tips for you. Don’t worry if this works in my sunny country and humid campus, i’m sure it will work for yours too šŸ˜€


1 Response to "Back to school style"

To be honest, I’ve never liked seeing havaianas or any other kind of super-casual made-of-rubber-foam flip flops worn anywhere else other than at the beach or toilet. They’re just so.. casual (sloppy, to be more blunt). Maybe it’s just me, ‘cos I’m a dressy dress-up kinda girl. The closest I wear to flip flops are sandals with backstraps in metallic hues (gold and bronze) or beaded boho slippers.

Anyway I have pointy white pumps thanks to my birthday fund! Thanks SB for the contribution!

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