Best Dressed Star of 2006?

Posted on: August 13, 2006

People website is on the search for the Best Dressed Star of 2006. The nominees include the two Jennifers, the two Jessicas, BFFs Mischa and Nicole, red carpet stars Halle and Charlize, our beloved Oprah and many others. And guess who is coming out tops currently?

Does Jen really deserve the spot now? Let’s analyse some of her chosen outfits starting with this one in 1997…

Yikes. What’s up with the super loose dress? And the braid hairdo makes her look like a Girl Scout. I’m give her 1 star for her lovely highlights. But that’s ok, cos our Best Dressed Star was on her way to revamping herself…

…to finally look as smashing as she is today! The high-waisted pencil skirt is so in right now. And Jennifer Aniston can certainly rock the masculine shirt look. This was back in 2000 when she was still married to Brad Pitt.

She’s a die-hard fan of the colour black, obviously. (Just like Lauren Conrad of The Hills). This is simple sophisticated attire that I’m not really raving about. But hey, the two lads behind beg to differ.

Hmm, more black. The one on the right was during the latest Oscar awards. Even with (or was it because of) the pearl necklaces, I prefer the look on the left. It’s black at its basic and classiest.

Ooh, but hold up! Does Jen only have black in her red carpet wardrobe?

Oh whew, lucky not. Here, she’s rocking a cream and glittery dress. A good 9-points up from the 1997 picture.

So is she only best-dressed on the red carpet? Well, not really. Let’s see what she wears when she’s out and about town.

That’s Jen coming out of a cafe in London. She’s donning the bermuda shorts, tank and wedges combo. Once again, a simple outfit using her favourite colours. The plush lilac shawl is the accessory (we’re finally seeing some other colours).

And here is Jen after/before The Early show taping. She’s actually wearing another tailored bermudas but this time, has gone for a dressier top – the open-buttoned shirt. She’s even tucked it in perfectly. But pls, do not attempt this if you don’t have toned abs. The accessory here? I bet it’s the bling bling watch.

Black silk shirt, black tailored shorts and black strappy heels. That is now so Jen.

And she’s even brought her look to her latest movie, the Break Up.

Here, she’s layered the masculine white shirt with a softer beige cardigan. But the definite accessory here has got to be the leaf-pendant necklace in gold. I think after this movie came out, the leaf motif shot to fame.

So far, we’ve seen her only in black and white. But I think Jen looks good in colours too.

In the Rumour Has it still photo above, the sky blue satin dress with soft trumpet pleats makes her look so vintage Hollywood glamorous.

And in one of my favourite movies of all times, Along Came Polly, Jen played a hippie chick wearing the most casual of all outfits. And yes, they came in colours of course.

So does she deserve to be the best dressed star? I don’t know. She plays it safe with black and white, shirts and tailored bermudas/shorts. I had to dig up her movie stills to find her in some coloured outfits. But hey, if best dressed literally means you are wearing something very pleasant to the eye that accentuates your figure/eyes/hair, then I guess Jen deserves it. She’ll be one happy woman if she finds her name tops when the People magazine hits newsstands on Sept 15 in the USA.

Who wouldn’t? đŸ˜‰

You can take part in the poll by clicking through the array of slides on Vote to see your favourite style icon emerging tops in the poll. Have fun!


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