Diva tinklets

Posted on: August 7, 2006

Was out for a birthday celebration and movie. And i came across this pretty store! Titled diva:D Which I initially mistook for Dolls. Of course SB was there to correct me. When i stepped in, there were rows and rows of necklaces, charm bracelets, bangles, rings, headbands, scarves! Paradise for me. Like being in a candy store 😀

SO i went through rows and rows of the pretty tinklets and i saw alot of earrings, bracelets and necklaces i wanted. (Nice bangles too but of course i have the tiniest wrists in the world, so all were too big for me 😦 ) But anyways the necklaces were probably the best. Long chunky ones, dainty ones, silver ones, gold ones… Everything! I like. And so i went home took out a necklace i bought and realsied they have a webbie.

The webbie was a tad disappointing, not many stuffs featured. But from those featured i could still zero in on some stuff i like. Like these:

Vintage charm bracelet. Look at all the pretty chunk charms! The bronzed tone makes it super easy to match with clothes!

 Silver charm necklace. Most of the necklaces in the shop were the charm ones or the layered types. Layered types are similar to the ones designed by Marc Jacobs in his recent campaign:)

I really have a thing for this bronzey vintage necklace types. This necklace has the cute tusk which seems to be everywhere lately. The charms are not concentrated around one area, but spread out. How pretty when paired with a low cut top

Victorian-like earrings! Its more simple than my usual fare of earrings. More of SB style. But there is just something about this earring which spells out sweet and girly yet not boring 🙂

The leaf earring. The most celebrated accesory motif of late. This one is nice coz it is more of a cut-out style making it look more artsy than the normal leaf earrings.

The shop totally rocks. Prices are great and the stuff are trendy. Will be spoilt for choice too!

P.S.: Prices on the pictures are in Aussie dollars since the shop originates from there 😀



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