Just For Libby :)

Posted on: August 6, 2006

I hope this will help Libby from Texas…

I’m sorry but the Mini Bits store available here doesn’t have its own website 😦 But, don’t fret just yet! Here are some collections of similar looking headbands.

Both of these are from Delias and they’re the closest I can find to LC’s. They’re covered with cotton and available in solid black and polka-dots. They cost US$8.50 each.

The next two are more similar to the one Paris Hilton. And they’re more affordable at US$1.80. Get them at Forever 21.

These are what I can help you with so far. I’ll try to scour for more when I have the time.

And yes, Zak. There’ll be a Just for Zak post up soon. 🙂



10 Responses to "Just For Libby :)"

OooOOooh, they’re the hard kind of headbands! As in ‘cekak’.. I initially thought they were the soft elastic kinds made of fabric cos that’s how they look like on those expensive (but empty? =P) heads.. Heheh.. Yay yay I’m going to have a whole post devoted to me on THIS fahion blog! (With 2163 hits and counting!) Anyway, if you feel like a change in reading material, perhaps about mere mortals (like me) being happy, read my blog cos I updated it! (If you still remember it exists, haha)

thank you so much zak this helps a bunch. Even though i live in fort worth, about an hour away from dallas, ill still ask my mom if i we can drive up to arlington or dallas. (they didnt have any stores in fort worth)!!!

hi libby! ur welcome 🙂 feel free to ask any qns in future, we’ll try our utmost best to help ya! thanks for visiting 😀

-snow white & snow brown.

Hey Libby, I think we’ve got a case of mistaken identity.. I’m not the writer of this blog, I’m just a humble friend and reader! Credit goes to ‘snow white & snow brown’, who’re in the business of being fashionably mysterious; thus the nicknames.. =P

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