YES i got mine! :D

Posted on: August 5, 2006

Not to gloat, i got my coach wallet today! Yippeee. It wasn’t as big and bulky as i imagined. In fact, i love the shape, thickness, size. Everything about it!

Our coach boxes. Our meaning me and my sister. In fact, there is another teeny coach box coz my sister bought the keyring but i forgot to include it. The huge box is my sister’s. She bought the satchel from coach. Its uber nice as well but a tad heavy even without anything in it. I love the boxes and ribbons!

My wallet on top of the boxes!

Close up my wallet. 😀 Sorry for sounding so doofus-like. Just really excited by my wallet.

Sorry for poor picture quality. Its jus from my humble camera phone.

So i was walking around town in my new wedges and after a few hours in it, i felt like DYING. My feet felt like it was literally going to split into two. So i walked around and decided to buy a pair of crocs 😀 I thought they are the world’s ugliest shoe until i saw their ballerina pumps version called the prima.

I bought mine in silver. And they feel feathery soft. But alas, i still suffered from blisters on the back of my feet. Im really not destined for covered shoes no matter what. 😦 But i shall continue wearing it anyways since other parts of the shoe are great, all soft and cushiony.


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