Recent Online Purchase

Posted on: August 5, 2006

Did I mention that I’m into the girly-feminine phase right now? Hence the headbands, skirts and lo and behold, the feminine top. I bought one off Forever 21 (my fave girly store) a few weeks back. It’s really simple and understated. I love the puffy sleeves and ruched neckline. I’m hoping to pair this off with one of the necklaces which I have not worn yet (!).

Then I went to the Anthropologie webbie and found another sweet and demure looking top similar to this. Puffy sleeves? Check. Ruched neckline? Check. Bonus points: polka dots! It’s really sweet and girly. But at US$78, I can just starve to death forever or dream on.

So other than the first top and the Delias skirt SW mentioned earlier, I’m on a spree hiatus, somewhat. Stay tuned for more. 😀


3 Responses to "Recent Online Purchase"

Pssst! Can give an indication who’s writing which post? I can figure out a bit on my own but I don’t wanna be making assumptions.. Anw, could you please please answer my spree question i posted earlier under ‘Let Me Chanel My Way Through’??? Pwease..

Haha dearest zak. that was written by SB. Okie from now on we will sign off okays:D
Anw, sorry bout the spree qn. We were sposed to draft an answer tgt but nv got ard to doing it..

First pls refer to the links on the right panel. There are 2 available which leads to Online Shopping Communities.
To join these communities, u need a livejournal account. Then add yourself in.
Once ur added in the community, u can purchase stuff from the webbie. But this depends on the spree organisers, which website they order from eg Then from there, u can order from that website k.:D

Yea I tried clicking those links on the right before but reading through them made me even more confused.. The order form format, the rules etc.. Take your time to write it up aight! My wallet has shrunk really small, so you have now until the 12th when my wallet gets fattened up by the dear old govt.! Haha.. I’m sure the readers who make up your 2120 hits would be grateful for a well-crafted answer too!

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