More threadless!

Posted on: August 4, 2006

Was browsing through And i realised the new designs are even much nicer than the past. The new ‘type’ tees meaning the slogan ones rather than graphic ones are really funky. Note: If your really small or petite, the type tees sized small is still big. So should just stick to the graphic ones. Lesson learnt 😀

But their sale is not on. So its aint worth it to buy it now when during sale time it can go as low as 10 USD!

This is a fave of me and SB. We really like the granola graphic come slogan on the tee. Nice shade of moss green as well!

This is a newer tee from threadless titled magical powers. I really like the swirly curvy writing. Really looks like it came off from a spell book! Super cute!


This forest tee has cute graphics. And I like how they play with the green colour in contrast with the other neutral colours.

From far, this tee can almost pass of as an Ed Hardy! With the tattoo-like rockish graphic, its real edgy. The shade of the tee is also nice when put against the striking colours of the graphic.

 Last but not least, this twisted slogan is just wicked 😀


1 Response to "More threadless!"

snow white dearie! welcome to fashionowy (finally!) hehe. i’m loving the “ed hardy” looking threadless and the magical powers And the purple vintage tee frm delias. oh man. but promises, no shopping wen we’re out for dinner dis sunday! hoho.

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