Bags. bags and MORE BAGS

Posted on: August 4, 2006

Im just crazy over bags nowadays. Gone were the days when bags only serve the purpose of just holding your items and you only had one harversack to school and maybe another sling bag for ‘going out’ days. 😀 Lets review some bags from Urban Outfitters and Melie Blanco.

I really heart this bag! The studs at the handles are chic. I like the sleekness of the bag too. I doubt its roomy though since it does not have a base. But it can fit a4, perfect for school! And on sale as well on the Urban Outfitters webbie. Alas, the colour i was eyeing which was tan is out of stock! Bah

This is my favourite bag shape of all time. The trusty hobo. This bag comes with an interesting twist. The braided straps! SB and I saw this exact bag in KL! Which came in green. Somehow we did not buy it, regrets!

At first sight, the bag may appear boxy like all bowling bags. But after a while, it does look a bit like the YSL muse bag. I mean the shape especially the curved sides at the top and the length of the bag. This bag is pretty huge so i wonder how it would look like in real life especially since the material aint the slouchy type.

Melie Blanco hobos! I reallly heart the ring detail! Im sure you all are aware of that. This is tad different from the previous Melie Blanco hobo i showed earlier. This has shorter straps since it does not come with the big O ring. But i love the minty shade of green. Nice to prep up a plain outfit.

This bag is not the typical leather hobo by Melie Blanco. But this ethnic hobo does definitely have an edge. The designs are intricate and seemingly more ‘mature’. Something i will not buy now, maybe in the future. Nonetheless, perfect for more formal events or especially when wearing plain tops i.e. white. Brings out the colour of white perfectly 😀


2 Responses to "Bags. bags and MORE BAGS"

I like the lime green bag!~!~ But the size is more medium than big, right?

Haha ya meidum. Cant fit a4 though. But roomy enough for all the going out stuffs 😀 Plus its really affordable now!


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