Jumping on the (head)Band Wagon

Posted on: August 3, 2006

Hehe, I can’t help but use that cheesy title today 😀 Anyways, I caught the movie Lake House for the second time yesterday. It was so romantic and sweet, if you really excuse the whole time-traveling-nonsense-thing. Snow White slept through the last part of it the first time I went to watch it with her. Tsk. But okay, the focus today isn’t on handsome Keanu nor the movie but on something I bought at the mall right after the movie ended!

As you know I’ve been watching The Hills lately (yes, it’s fast becoming my favourite) and I can’t help but notice this wonderful accessory perched on LC’s head. It’s actually the most humble of all hair accessories – the headband. I remember wearing them alot during my primary school days but have since threwn them all away. 😦

But this season, the humble headband has been given a retro twist and comes with a much wider width. It comes in plain, woven, polka-dotted, flowery and stripey combinations! I’m starting with the plain one ala Lc below 😉 And below is a collage of sorts of some notable celebs sporting the humble beauty.

lc paris

lindsay chris


6 Responses to "Jumping on the (head)Band Wagon"

I absolutely love that headband that lauren is wearing. Ive been looking everywhere and i cant find it. Does anybody no where i can find something similar?

hi libby! i found mine from a local accessories store called mini bits and btw, i’m from singapore. where are you from? maybe i can help you with it. 😀

im from texas, i hope there is a store where i can find it. Thanks

does btw or mini bits have a website that i can look for the headband

i’ve been lookin all over for them too, my gf wont stop talking about them, i wanted to get her one but cant find them ne where

Mine looks exactly like hers, was only five dollars, and I found it at Target. They had five early in the morning, by the time I went back in the evening, I bought the last one. They’re going fast.

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