Aye aye screen tees

Posted on: August 3, 2006

Delias screen tees galore. And to top it off, all going on sale at 14.99 USD or even less 😀 Sinful. I nearly bought one but due to lack of cash resources. Shall wait and maybe the price of the tees im eyeing will go down. Like the rolling tees that went down to 9.99 USD 😦

Shall begin with me and SB fav’s tee brand, junk food.

This tee has a super cute slogan. May sound a tad cheesy but this all in *grins*

This cute chevy tee was also produced by F21. We saw it at the F21 store in KL. And was retailing at 79 RM. Pretty pricey for a vintage tee. But on delias is only a 12.99 USD. A superb deal since i dont have many yellow tees and the slogan is really cute.


Rockout tee. Its a nice vintagey shade of grey but the purple prints make it looks non-drab. Am the lookout for nice vintage rock tees since the previous rolling stones tee i bought was a wee bit big 😦


Lastly, this super cool raglan. I seem to have a thing for raglan nowadays. They are a bit more rugged, roughed edge tees. Suitable with jeans especially. This one is especially cute since it has nice brown sleeves. And brown is the new black 🙂 The skulls motif is the in thing as well which is a definitely plus point. Measurements given indicate the sleeves and length might be long. Not a good idea for sunny places like here.

Hoping for a delias spree 😀


4 Responses to "Aye aye screen tees"

umm i like the shirts ALOT
but most of those aer from delia*s?

ohh sorry..i didn’t see that you put they aer from delias
my bad

haha yap! they are from delias and reallly cute 😀

cool beans. these shirts are pretty cool. ive also seen better.

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