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Besides f21, i do love coach and their designs. Simple, classy, not too flashy and moderately priced compared to the other labels. Since school just started, here are some bags from coach ideal sized for school. But of course, still out of reach. 😦

This bag is definitely roomy for school. And relatively reasonably priced. I though the brown banded thing was ugly when i saw it on the webbie. But upon seeing it in real life, it adds a touch of class to the bag. Oh but the reversible part is ridiculous, it makes the bag look ugly.

This braided strap leather tote has a nice structured shape  to it. The white version is nice as well but it reminds me of Charles & Keith bags 😦 So the brown version gets the thumbs up. The distressed feel is also edgy. It is versatile as well.

This is off the latest collection. If you can see coz the picture is small, the front buckle adds a new touch. Abit more formal looking but still appropriate for school. Like the slightly longer shape, not too squarish.

This is almost identical to the bag above, save for the difference in monogram and colour. Somehow i prefer this to the top although the top bag is more of a classic. This is definitely something more new and up-to-date.



Lately, forever 21 has been churning out new designs day in day out, tempting me and SB coz all the clothes are basically what we really want in tops 😀 Its almost like mind reading. Alas, we are not made of money. So this few stuffs shall just be for viewing pleasure. “_”

This jersey tunic has a tie at the back of the waist. How flattering for the figure. Love the shade of blue as well. And it will look super good with tights.

This satin shirt is pretty nice. Although i did tell SB its something like i wore for my pjs. Maybe it will look good with a pair of crisp white berm shorts 🙂

Raglans are defintely a must have for schools. But the thing is i think it will look only good with jeans. Oh wells, this will look great with a pair of long length jeans and slippers. Casual but can spice it up with a long necklace or bangles.

We seldom gush about non jun food tees. But this is an exception. Nice shade of red. And the graphic is cute. Simple.

Plaid bermudas! Dying to own one. Wanted to buy this pair of the webbie but can never trust sizings for bottom coz they vary so much! But i really like this pair. Sighs will hunt it down at the local f21 store which will be at least 10 bucks more 😦

PS: Sorry for tiny pictures, did not enlarge it when i cut the pictures 😀


I hate the f21 webbie for making my items go OOS all the time. Actually its not their fault 😦 but oh wells, i shall not blog about what i bought till it comes.


Me and SB realised that everytime we post things that we buy online, it will probably go OOS or somehow spree cancelled. But oh wells, dont want to believe in superstitions. So here goes, some items we bought the past weekend. 😀

We never tried buying anything from taiwan auctions even though it often appears on the spree pages. But we are going to give it a shot. Especially when we saw this nice shirt. Stripey and has a belt at the waist which ties in the look literally 🙂 And its dirt cheap! Well material may not be good, i guess, but beggars cant be choosers right 😀

The shirt craze definitely hit me and SB. I bought this cute peter pan collared top from Wetseal at dirt cheap price as well. Bought this in XS, hope the cap sleeves are not too short! Or my arms will look horrendously fat. Aarggh

My abercrombie fleece arrived! Looks as good as the picture 😀 I love the colour and wordings. Grins

Ah we will sooon, very sooooon be the coach wallet snowies. *grins* Just pray that the wallet SB is eyeing is not out of stock. *touchwood* ;P

Friday ya SB. It will be yours. 😀


My love for Forever 21 is still pretty strong. Although the only store here offers a rather limited range of tops, the online shop is much better. Lately, I have an affinity for simple and feminine tops in black. I figure they’re good for those dinner outings with the girls instead of my usual t-shirt and jeans combo. 😉 Here are a few I’ve scoured, together with SW.

I got this top in my mail a few days back. I really love it! The neckline is a tad wider than my usual crewneck t-shirts but hey, I really love it! Paired with my tight Levi’s and possibly one of my unworn flats, I’m good to go! 😀

This really womanly top caught SW’s eye last night. After much debating (I said it looked a tad too womanly but she said it’d be a good investment that way), she finally bought the top. On hindsight, it’s a rather lovely sophisticated flutter-top. I love how the waistband will bring a curvier shape to my SW. 😉

And amidst our plans to stay up to catch up on schoolwork, both SW and I fell to temptation and bought this top each! (Oh, we always end up buying the same stuffs, hehe.) We really love how the ruched bustline makes this shirt outstanding. And I suppose empire-cut tops are always good for those heavy dinners! 😉

This retro tunic t-shirt is another winner. It’s casual chic when worn with a low-slung belt and jeans.

Personally, I would have bought this top if the colour wasn’t so drabby. The ruched bustline and tiny buttons, coupled with the puffed sleeves makes this so adorable. If only they had it in a livelier colour.

This satin polka-dotted shirt would have been mine, if only I was already working. 😉 It looks more office-wear to me than dinner with the girls. But SW said it looks like those satin PJs she used to wear. Haha.

For something more college-wear, then I guess this stripey short-sleeved shirt will do better. Notice how the sleeves are abit puffy. 🙂 But the thing about buying shirts online is we won’t know if they’ll be of a right fit. I prefer trying them on myself to see if they fit me nicely. Anyway we all know that shirts must be fitted no matter plain or patterned.


As a child growing up, i thought monogrammed bags were distasteful. Why would you want the brand initials stamped all over. And especially so since there are monogrammed fakes literally EVERYWHERE. Alas, i became a convert the day my sister bought the dior monogrammed wallet. And since then on, whenever im looking through designer bags, i no longer eye their leather desgins and look straight for the latest monogrammed ones.

My sis bought this LV batignolles horizontal. It looks normal in the picture. But nothing beats the real thing. Its roomy yet classy. 😀 And the good thing is, my sister allows me to bring it to school as and when i want to 😀

The classic LV speedy bag. ‘The’ signature monogrammed bag from LV. Heidi from the Hills was seen carrying this around throughout the season. Its a smaller sized bag. Perfect for weekend days out. Not too big but neither too small. Catch is, when the bag seasons out, the speedy loses shape making it looks a tad saggy. Nonetheless, very chic simple.

This is called the dior trotter bag. And similar measurements to the LV batignolles. Meaning it can fit a4. Good for students like me. But, of course not like i can afford it anytime soon. The dior gaucho is so well-known, so why not a look at their monogrammed items. And this one is effortlessly classy. I especially like the cream colour and straps. Somehow the straps look a tad chanel-like. But it adds the glam factor in the bag,

Gucci Pelham. I really heart the creamy colour and rich texture. The braided straps makes it look more casual than the classic leather types. And of course, this is the signature Gucci shape bag. 😀 Always good to start off a branded handbag collection with something signature-ish. Good thing is, Gucci is one of the few designer houses which have end season sales, slashing up to 30 percent off.

While i was at looking at the LV and Diors. I noticed this pair of cool sunnies. Sighs, since Laguna Beach and the Hills, i’ve had a thing for sunnies. Too bad my sunny country do not have peoples who are into donning this accessory 😦 So people whom are seen wearing it feels a tad odd. Nonetheless, this pair of sunnies rock! I love the rectangularish shape since i have a roundish face, perfect 😀 And i like the simple Dior logo at the side. And white is uber chic colour as well. Oh wells ‘_’