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Posted on: July 21, 2006

Project Runway 2 is almost coming to an end (at least on cable TV here, but if you’re stuck with Channel 5, then it’s a few more episodes still). As much as I loved Daniel V and his beautiful hair, ooops, I mean creations, as well as Chloe’s stylish totes and loathed Santino and his bald patch, it’s time to move on to Season 3. Luckily there’s youtube for me to take a sneak peek at the premiere episode of Project Runway 3. In the first episode, each designer was challenged to make something out of anything they can find in their hotel apartment. Pillows were apart, curtains were pulled down and even lamps were not spared. So far, here’s my favourite designers:

1) Keith: He’s by far the most handsome designer this season. 😀 Having said that, he borders on the arrogant sort but heck, his first dress was simple yet beautifully flowy. Gasps, it reminds me of Daniel V’s flowy navy dress that got him into the final 3.

Keith keith_1

The man and his winning dress. He almost did something horrific to the dress after Tim Gunn told him it wasn’t innovative enough. Thank God he listened to himself.

2) Robert: I have a soft spot for this Barbie doll dressmaker. He was the genious behind the countless Barbie dresses from Mattel. I liked the way he bitched about Izaac Mizrahi (the pervert who groped Scarlett Johannsson’s boobs whose creations you can find at Target).

robert rob_1

He was one of the top scorers. If I’m not wrong, he used a duvet cover for the main fabric and wall decorations as the necklace piece. From the back, the dress looked even more stunning, with ribbon bows tied in the same red fabric you see here.

3) Laura: The women in this season were really forgettable. Laura stood out for me cos of her bright tomato hair and Stepford-wives-gone-wrong-face. She has a degree and postdegree in architecture. She’s one smart, stylish but very very restrained woman. She’s the kind whom you’ll never see in T-shirts, jeans and flip-flops. 😦

laura laura_1

Nonetheless, kudos to her for making a fur coat out of a fur rug that actually looks wearable. The lamp pieces you see at the bottom are a tad too noisy but it gave a whimisical touch to the whole sophisticated look. Thank God Laura wasn’t modeling this piece, however, cos she might just end up looking like Cruella deVil. Haha!


And also, fans/foes of Laguna Beach/Lauren Conrad listen up! Be sure to catch The Hills when it premieres here on MTV on 8 Aug. It’s a spin-off of Laguna Beach resident girl Lauren (extreme left). It follows her move to Los Angeles with her best friend Heidi (extreme right) and her venture in FDIM, a fashion college, and her internship with Teen Vogue.

MTV US has already started showing it and if you can’t wait, you can always view it here first. Thanks to the webmaster who has uploaded the first few episodes. 😀 I’m on my 4th episode and I find it interesting. If you love seeing nice clothes, perfect hair, picteresque cityscapes and behind-the-scenes look to the fashion industry and magazine internships (we’re talking Teen Vogue here), then The Hills would be great couch TV material. Snow White and I are hooked on it. Just overlook the ugly, hormonally-driven guys and Lauren’s superbly bimbotic and naive best friend, Heidi. It’s good campy TV at its best.


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