Eye Candy at Mr. Universe

Posted on: July 11, 2006

The World Cup is officially over. My friends and I are still reeling from withdrawal symptoms. Luckily, though, Starhub is showing every single match all over again till Wednesday night. That wouldn’t make us feeling like a cold turkey. So till then, Germany. We’re looking forward to South Africa 2010 when Spain, my beloved adopted nation, shall put its horrid WC past behind and finally triumph.



In the meantime, congrats to Team Italia aka the Good-looking Mobster Team. I was quite disappointed that France aka the Aging Team didn’t pull up an upset. Nevertheless, the hot Italian men’s childish antics after their winning penalty put an amused smile to my face. They brought out an Ikea foldable chair and cut Camoranesi’s (my friends and I call him Pocahontas because of his long rebonded hair) hair in the middle of the field, Totti wore the Italian red-white-green flag as a scarf and was a splitting image of a Russian woman peasant, Gattuso pulled down his shorts to reveal him in white underwear (possibly Dolce & Gabbana, you will understand why soon) and Gilardino tied the Italian flag around his neck to make it look like a scarf-tie from the Napoleonic era.

Plus, these super duper hot Dolce & Gabbana advertisement featuring some of its players made up for France’s loss. I swear to you, even you hated the entire Italian team for their exaggerated dives, whiny protests, and headbutt-inducing insults, you will still leave some space in your heart to adore these gorgeous men in D&G briefs.


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