Yes, coach!

Posted on: July 8, 2006

Pardon the lack of entries lately. The World Cup, yes, has been keeping me busy (being disappointed).

I’ve received some of my online items the past couple of weeks. Remember the AE campside bag? It’s exactly the same as in the pic except that they failed to mention the inner side of the leather strap isn’t finished. So what I got was a raw finishing of “unshaven” leather. Otherwise, I’m liking the bag and its colour (I’ve never had a maroon bag before). Even its slouchy shape would give a nice twist to the less-structured bags I have. I’ll probably bring it to school on days I have to lug my enormous IBM lappie or to shopping trips/makan outings with the besties.

Remember also the Threadless tee? That was a little disappointing:( My Procrastinator tshirt was too big for myself even though I ordered my usual sizing from Threadless. But no worries cos 1) I found a willing buyer off Yahoo and 2) turns out, Snow White’s Pickles tshirt was too big for herself too, so she sold it off to me at a friendly discounted price:D All’s not lost, here.

As for the rest of the sprees, they’re still being shipped. And along the way, I’ve ordered more items, too! ^_^

This Alloy skirt was really dirt cheap excluding shipping fees. In all, I paid roughly S$20 for it. I hope the spandex/cotton material won’t cling on to my ample assets (ha ha).

alloy boho

And then there was a unique Target spree. I couldn’t resist this fab Aerosmith tshirt. It was going for US$10.


Up next was something rather “dated” but still wearable: the fake Balenciaga. I’ve come to terms with the fact that mere mortals like us cannot possibly afford the real deal so the next best alternative was to find one with the best colour, leather finishing and without those fake logo metal plate. I got this for US$15 off the famed 15-dollar store. I haven’t paid for shipping charges yet but they shouldn’t go beyond S$40, I hope.


At Snow White’s house during one of the many WC sleepovers, we got ourselves some dirt cheap makeup stuffs from e.l.f. I’m not really a makeup person so a subtle dust of blusher is all I’m really going to experiment with for now. Each item was going for US$1! Imagine that! But are they any good?



Then jus about 2 days ago, there was a KarmaLoop spree. I browsed through their tshirt selection (yes, I’m very much a tshirt and jeans girl) and found some cheap yet very nice Junk Food tees! And you know me and Junk Food always click;) So off I went to get not one, but two of those. Which do you like better? I like the print on the first one but the colour on the second one. By buying both, I got the best of two. Haha. And I ended up deluded and broke. ~_~



Okay, let’s hope my posting of the spree items here won’t make them go OOS or cancelled. I’ve had my fair share of those:(

On another note, despite buying tshirts, skirts, bags and the likes, I still lack the most essential (or so some say) item of all: the WALLET. I am very ashamed to even show you my dirty old American Eagle wallet or my cheapo “Mr-Bean’s-teddy-bear’s” coin pouch. So with that, should I go broke (what’s new) after the KL trip end of this month and treat myself to one of these luxurious-yet-affordable Coach ones? I’ve narrowed down the choices to 4. Starting with what I thought was the best-looker:



I thought the snakeskin trimming gives it more edge to the normal ones. I’m loving the buckle detail and I don’t really mind the few cardslots cos I don’t have that many to begin with. This colour is better than the white one they have on the web. But maybe and just maybe, it’s too small?
In second place, it’s a tie between these two:





Well for starters, the top one is slightly bigger than bottom. And the top looks much more mature but I really like the buckle. I like the colour combi on the bottom one but as a whole, it looks kinda…cheap? No?

And the last choice…I guess it made it to the list cos of the buckle detail again. Haha.



Downsides include no monogram (HA HA) and the leather looks too weather beaten that it’s close to looking manly. But it might be classic-looking, I suppose.

So what are your thoughts? I might just listen to you once I get enough purchasing power. Somehow. 😀


4 Responses to "Yes, coach!"

u got urself a balenciaga-lookalike? for so cheap some more?? i’ve had e same affordable-but-fake vs original-aka-anti-piracy debate myself and in e end decided on a balenciaga-inspired bag rather than a lookalike..

anw, i’m still trying to figure out e identities of e snowy pair of u (or is it a quartet?). heh.

as for e coach wallet, e no.1 and no.2 (a) gets my vote!

Hey Zak! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

In total with shipping and postage, I paid S$40 for the balenciaga-inspired bag. It’s due to arrive next week at my place so I shall give a review then. You can get nice-looking Balenciaga-inspired bags at Icon, the new mall at Bugis Street too.

As for our identities, hehe, let’s keep it at that. Btw, it’s hardly a quartert I can assure you 😛

And thanks for the vote, I will most prolly only get them at the end of this year, haha.

Oooh ok.. Yea let’s keep it at that, ‘cos your “it’s hardly a quartet” has just confirmed my suspicions about who snow white n snow brown is! haha.. not tt u’re guilty of any crime, unless making me envious of the purchases you made can count as one! haha.. I want lotsa shoes too! But i’ve splurged so much on clothes online i dunno if i have any left for shoes.. =(

OH ANd get a bigger wallet la. hmphh. small wallets look abit off..

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