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In a previous post, I have raved about the Chanel Luxury bowling bag. Again, this time round, I shall post more pictures of it. Besides Mischa and her BFF Rachel, other celebs have been spotted carrying around this lovely tote.

A case in point is Hilary Swank. Her pose just reeks of the bag.


I love how the blackness of the bag complements so well with her green henley.

Then here is the official ad for the bag.


Paired with a dark tweed coat and hair pulled up tightly in a bun, the bag had a more glamourous appeal. But as seen on the arms of celebs, they can be dressed down too. Lovely.

mischa rach

I long for the day when I can get hold of this beauty. At about US$2k per piece, I still have a long way to go.

Btw, the Chanel tote that Lauren Conrad carries around in her series The Hills is different from this. It’s squarish and looks like it’s from the old line. Anyone knows about this? Feel free to englighten us, thank you 🙂


Sorry for the hiatus these past 4 days. The entire Snowie clan took a road trip up to KL – that’s right! Just the four of us with no chaperone or whatsoever, hehe. Unfortch, if you were thinking we would have headed for KL’s notorious nightlife, I’m sorry to disappoint cos we totally didn’t! >_< Instead, the 3 days were spent hopping from one major mall to another – in total we went to Suria KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, 1 Utama and MidValley Megamall. Each of them were so huge and on the last day, we got pretty sick of the shops there. But heck, we spent close to RM400 (is that too little? haha) buying stuffs for ourselves and the family. The Malaysian Mega Sale was really worth it, perhaps even better than the GSS, thanks to the forex. 😉

So here’s my loot, excluding stuffs for the family:

Let’s start with the shoes! I got this pretty pair from Nose, a local shoe shop at RM39.90. There was also a RM15 rebate when we spent RM100 and above. It’s not that comfy but I’ll persevere with plasters, haha.

At RM49.90, this pair is much more comfier and dressier looking. Plus, I’ve always wanted peep-toe flats.

The next pair was from Theme and cost about RM35 after 40% discount. My sister had something like this and I wanted one so I bought, haha. This is comfy too and is best paired with my creamy bermuda shorts.

3 pairs of shoes, madness. Maybe it’s time to ditch my fave brown Havas, hehe. On the last day, I had a few hundred left to spent so at 1 Utama, I splurged on these. I wanted new bags and almost bought one at Suria KLCC but didn’t (now I’m kicking myself). At another Nose outlet, I saw this lovely rattan-suede bag ala Kate Spade and got it at about RM45 after a 50% discount. This bag needs high maintenance cos of the suede trimming but it’s so pretty!

Then they had a humongous Forever 21 outlet there. I swear to you, it is wayyy much better than the one at Wisma Atria. The layout there is much more organised, it’s easier to look for clothes, the accessories counter is more conveniently located and bigger and somehow, they were having this tiny sale corner where tops were going at crazy discounts! (I don’t remember the F21 outlet here having such discounts during the GSS, hmph) So away I spent the last remaining ringgits.

I’ve always wanted a thermal top. And this ringer cum puffy sleeved beauty was going only at RM30! How to resist?

And I’m officially a bangle-whore. I got the white one at RM25 from F21. The pink one is from Urban Outfitters and cost me SGD15.

I feel so happy with the entire trip, despite suffering from motion sickness and erm, stomach discomfort. We ate alot there, too, from Nandos to Jack’s Place to Pizza Hut to Kenny Rogers to Dunkin Donuts. When I came home, I straight away looked for rice, haha. Anyone had a similar trip during these hols?

Ps: Pardon the comforter-looking bedspread. My mom washed my bedsheets and I haven’t had enough energy to make my bed properly. 😛

Project Runway 2 is almost coming to an end (at least on cable TV here, but if you’re stuck with Channel 5, then it’s a few more episodes still). As much as I loved Daniel V and his beautiful hair, ooops, I mean creations, as well as Chloe’s stylish totes and loathed Santino and his bald patch, it’s time to move on to Season 3. Luckily there’s youtube for me to take a sneak peek at the premiere episode of Project Runway 3. In the first episode, each designer was challenged to make something out of anything they can find in their hotel apartment. Pillows were apart, curtains were pulled down and even lamps were not spared. So far, here’s my favourite designers:

1) Keith: He’s by far the most handsome designer this season. 😀 Having said that, he borders on the arrogant sort but heck, his first dress was simple yet beautifully flowy. Gasps, it reminds me of Daniel V’s flowy navy dress that got him into the final 3.

Keith keith_1

The man and his winning dress. He almost did something horrific to the dress after Tim Gunn told him it wasn’t innovative enough. Thank God he listened to himself.

2) Robert: I have a soft spot for this Barbie doll dressmaker. He was the genious behind the countless Barbie dresses from Mattel. I liked the way he bitched about Izaac Mizrahi (the pervert who groped Scarlett Johannsson’s boobs whose creations you can find at Target).

robert rob_1

He was one of the top scorers. If I’m not wrong, he used a duvet cover for the main fabric and wall decorations as the necklace piece. From the back, the dress looked even more stunning, with ribbon bows tied in the same red fabric you see here.

3) Laura: The women in this season were really forgettable. Laura stood out for me cos of her bright tomato hair and Stepford-wives-gone-wrong-face. She has a degree and postdegree in architecture. She’s one smart, stylish but very very restrained woman. She’s the kind whom you’ll never see in T-shirts, jeans and flip-flops. 😦

laura laura_1

Nonetheless, kudos to her for making a fur coat out of a fur rug that actually looks wearable. The lamp pieces you see at the bottom are a tad too noisy but it gave a whimisical touch to the whole sophisticated look. Thank God Laura wasn’t modeling this piece, however, cos she might just end up looking like Cruella deVil. Haha!


And also, fans/foes of Laguna Beach/Lauren Conrad listen up! Be sure to catch The Hills when it premieres here on MTV on 8 Aug. It’s a spin-off of Laguna Beach resident girl Lauren (extreme left). It follows her move to Los Angeles with her best friend Heidi (extreme right) and her venture in FDIM, a fashion college, and her internship with Teen Vogue.

MTV US has already started showing it and if you can’t wait, you can always view it here first. Thanks to the webmaster who has uploaded the first few episodes. 😀 I’m on my 4th episode and I find it interesting. If you love seeing nice clothes, perfect hair, picteresque cityscapes and behind-the-scenes look to the fashion industry and magazine internships (we’re talking Teen Vogue here), then The Hills would be great couch TV material. Snow White and I are hooked on it. Just overlook the ugly, hormonally-driven guys and Lauren’s superbly bimbotic and naive best friend, Heidi. It’s good campy TV at its best.


gisele3 gisele4

Don’t you think Gisele Bundchen looked amazing in this editorial for Vogue US June 2006? I personally never found her pretty even on the Victoria’s Secret runway shows. But when I saw scans of this editorial, I changed my mind.

I’m loving her gorgeous hair and the focus on stripes here. I wonder where the bag (in the last pic) is from? It’s sooo nice!

The World Cup is officially over. My friends and I are still reeling from withdrawal symptoms. Luckily, though, Starhub is showing every single match all over again till Wednesday night. That wouldn’t make us feeling like a cold turkey. So till then, Germany. We’re looking forward to South Africa 2010 when Spain, my beloved adopted nation, shall put its horrid WC past behind and finally triumph.



In the meantime, congrats to Team Italia aka the Good-looking Mobster Team. I was quite disappointed that France aka the Aging Team didn’t pull up an upset. Nevertheless, the hot Italian men’s childish antics after their winning penalty put an amused smile to my face. They brought out an Ikea foldable chair and cut Camoranesi’s (my friends and I call him Pocahontas because of his long rebonded hair) hair in the middle of the field, Totti wore the Italian red-white-green flag as a scarf and was a splitting image of a Russian woman peasant, Gattuso pulled down his shorts to reveal him in white underwear (possibly Dolce & Gabbana, you will understand why soon) and Gilardino tied the Italian flag around his neck to make it look like a scarf-tie from the Napoleonic era.

Plus, these super duper hot Dolce & Gabbana advertisement featuring some of its players made up for France’s loss. I swear to you, even you hated the entire Italian team for their exaggerated dives, whiny protests, and headbutt-inducing insults, you will still leave some space in your heart to adore these gorgeous men in D&G briefs.

I’ve read and known that the Dior Gaucho saddle bag is rather big.

But I didn’t know that it was this big.

Or perhaps this comes from the enormous limited edition range that I’m not aware of?

Pardon the lack of entries lately. The World Cup, yes, has been keeping me busy (being disappointed).

I’ve received some of my online items the past couple of weeks. Remember the AE campside bag? It’s exactly the same as in the pic except that they failed to mention the inner side of the leather strap isn’t finished. So what I got was a raw finishing of “unshaven” leather. Otherwise, I’m liking the bag and its colour (I’ve never had a maroon bag before). Even its slouchy shape would give a nice twist to the less-structured bags I have. I’ll probably bring it to school on days I have to lug my enormous IBM lappie or to shopping trips/makan outings with the besties.

Remember also the Threadless tee? That was a little disappointing:( My Procrastinator tshirt was too big for myself even though I ordered my usual sizing from Threadless. But no worries cos 1) I found a willing buyer off Yahoo and 2) turns out, Snow White’s Pickles tshirt was too big for herself too, so she sold it off to me at a friendly discounted price:D All’s not lost, here.

As for the rest of the sprees, they’re still being shipped. And along the way, I’ve ordered more items, too! ^_^

This Alloy skirt was really dirt cheap excluding shipping fees. In all, I paid roughly S$20 for it. I hope the spandex/cotton material won’t cling on to my ample assets (ha ha).

alloy boho

And then there was a unique Target spree. I couldn’t resist this fab Aerosmith tshirt. It was going for US$10.


Up next was something rather “dated” but still wearable: the fake Balenciaga. I’ve come to terms with the fact that mere mortals like us cannot possibly afford the real deal so the next best alternative was to find one with the best colour, leather finishing and without those fake logo metal plate. I got this for US$15 off the famed 15-dollar store. I haven’t paid for shipping charges yet but they shouldn’t go beyond S$40, I hope.


At Snow White’s house during one of the many WC sleepovers, we got ourselves some dirt cheap makeup stuffs from e.l.f. I’m not really a makeup person so a subtle dust of blusher is all I’m really going to experiment with for now. Each item was going for US$1! Imagine that! But are they any good?



Then jus about 2 days ago, there was a KarmaLoop spree. I browsed through their tshirt selection (yes, I’m very much a tshirt and jeans girl) and found some cheap yet very nice Junk Food tees! And you know me and Junk Food always click;) So off I went to get not one, but two of those. Which do you like better? I like the print on the first one but the colour on the second one. By buying both, I got the best of two. Haha. And I ended up deluded and broke. ~_~



Okay, let’s hope my posting of the spree items here won’t make them go OOS or cancelled. I’ve had my fair share of those:(

On another note, despite buying tshirts, skirts, bags and the likes, I still lack the most essential (or so some say) item of all: the WALLET. I am very ashamed to even show you my dirty old American Eagle wallet or my cheapo “Mr-Bean’s-teddy-bear’s” coin pouch. So with that, should I go broke (what’s new) after the KL trip end of this month and treat myself to one of these luxurious-yet-affordable Coach ones? I’ve narrowed down the choices to 4. Starting with what I thought was the best-looker:



I thought the snakeskin trimming gives it more edge to the normal ones. I’m loving the buckle detail and I don’t really mind the few cardslots cos I don’t have that many to begin with. This colour is better than the white one they have on the web. But maybe and just maybe, it’s too small?
In second place, it’s a tie between these two:





Well for starters, the top one is slightly bigger than bottom. And the top looks much more mature but I really like the buckle. I like the colour combi on the bottom one but as a whole, it looks kinda…cheap? No?

And the last choice…I guess it made it to the list cos of the buckle detail again. Haha.



Downsides include no monogram (HA HA) and the leather looks too weather beaten that it’s close to looking manly. But it might be classic-looking, I suppose.

So what are your thoughts? I might just listen to you once I get enough purchasing power. Somehow. 😀