We Spreed at Threadless

Posted on: June 13, 2006

It's God-sent. is having a limited period sale, from today till 15 June. Snow White and I broke our frugal oath and went ahead with a tee each. We should be shot in the head for spending even when broke. Really.

Anyways on a lighter note, here are some screenshots of our tees. Threadless' really expanding their ingenious ideas by including these "Type" tees, which are really just slogan tees. They used to only stock up on graphics. 

This should be mine in a few wks' time, if all goes well. I like how apt the slogan captures my personality. And it's in gold, the colour of the season, mind you. Hehe.


This is Snow White's. It's such a cute slogan, one that I'll always remember when I take out the poor shrivelled pickle from my Whopper Jr.


Ahh, this is our alternative tees if the above goes OOS. Seeing how we are 100% behind the Spanish team this World Cup, the slogan was really to apt to resist. It says: This is in Spanish when you're not looking. (I don't really get the humour behind it, if there was any to begin with).

Oh, they were only $19.80 each including shipping. Damn, maybe I should have gotten 2 instead. Hurhur.  


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