Summer Rides Up

Posted on: June 12, 2006

It's a pity we don't have the four seasons here. Otherwise, our wardrobe would be categorized according to them. It's the World Cup fever too. It's sweltering hot in Germany cos I overheard the commentator saying it was 30 degrees? Serious? In the Holland vs Serbia-Montenegro match last night SIngapore time, two Dutch dudes clad in smart pale blue shirt and black pants were perspiring so much that the camera caught them wiping their faces with yellow sponges. I thought that was hilarious.

But I guess in Hollywood USA where the word World Cup doesn't even exist in their vocab, the celebs revel in the summer heat with ultra short dresses that can be qualified as tunic tops for more conservative peeps like me. It's a good thing they pair it with low-slung belts. That's hot.

Mrs Becksie, seen here spending away her hubby's pounds in Madrid. I love her sky blue Birkins tote and low-slung brown belt. I wonder who her stylist is.

Miss Lindsay Parent Trap. I'm digging her chunky watch and moss-green flats. The dress/top looks like PJs.

Miss Kate Druggie Moss. The huge frames make her look like Nicole Richie at one glance. Out of all the short dress outfits, I like this one the best. Althouh if I were to wear it, I'd look like a sack of potatoes like the woman behind her. A pity.

If Katie's dress is the best, then Lindsie's dress has gotta win hands-down for the worst. It's too short for a short dress. Pucci's psychedelic prints made it worse. But the necklace (if you squint) is nice.

Anyways, what do you call these short summer dresses? Are they even dresses? Or are they tunics meant to be worn over something but these celebs are just experimenting it without anything below? Hmms. It's just not something to be worn by everyday people. People will either think you're some hooker at Geylang or you forgot to wear your pants. I'll be shocked if I see this trend along Orchard Road.


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