Recent Online Purchases

Posted on: June 5, 2006

There were a few sprees this past week. I've been caught by the Great Online Sale. Snow white disturbed my sleep this morning at 4am with this SMS: Babe! Got f21 spree by orangysun on sgspree using comgateway! We have been waiting for an f21 spree since forever cos we fell in love with the top below. We love how the sleeves were given an update. It's longer than usual but not elbow-sleeved. And it's got runches at the sides. I trust orangysun 2 days ago, I ordered my AE items and they fell thru nicely. Lastly, we both trust comgateway cos of their efficiency of being the middleman. Note: VConcierge was horrible. My previous f21 order got cancelled.

The few items I've bought recently. All prices quoted in Sg dollars including shipping fees.


F21 Heathered Knit Top in yellow. $22.


AE Sunset T in pale blue. $21 plus (AE was having 15% off on top of clearance items)


AE Campside Bag. $36.

I hope this time round all my orders get thru. My fears for them? That the f21 top would be very translucent and too tight. I'm scared the AE T might be a little on the tight side, too, since their lean cuttings usually require a size bigger than your usual but the L sizes are OOS. Lastly, I'm afraid the AE bag would be too big/cottony/impractical. Oh, wells. There's always Auctions to sell them away. But I hope I wont have to resort to that. ~_~


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saw a top similar to e one frm f21 at looks real bad on me tho…very odd-looking haha

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