junkfood is my middle name

Posted on: May 27, 2006

I love junk food. Pardon the pun. I eat all sorts of junk food, yes. From Haagen Daz strawberry cheesecake ice-cream to the $1 buy 1 get 1 free cheep cones from Yes Supermarket. I stuff myself with Kettle chips to Jack n Jill chips. I eat all sorts of chocs from Cadbury chocolate bars to Almond Roca. So when a tee shirt brand named Junkfood comes along, I was sure to snap them up. The only hitch: A little pricey for the newly printed ones. The good news, though: Dept stores like Alloy and Delias sell them as low as $14 during their clearance sales. I got 4 for S$100 off eBay not a long time ago. I love them loads. Here's a couple I saw at Alloy.





1 Response to "junkfood is my middle name"

the hood and mtv one is nice. but the wonder woman one is gross. :S

snow white

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