recent online purchases

Posted on: May 17, 2006

Wetseal elbow sleeve stripe top. I got this for USD14.99 and to my horror, snow white informed me it's gg on sale for USD9.99. But never mind, this top is so adorable. I can pair it with my black beaded necklace.

Forever 21 antique bead necklace. USD 4.80/5.80/6.80 I cant rmr. It's a matted gold chain with pink and dirty green tiny beads. It's pretty long if I dont loop it twice. I've figured a nicer way to wear it: Loop it once and tie a knot at the end of the necklace 🙂

Another forever 21 triple strand necklace. Price a little bit different from above but withing the same range. It has silvery green beads and a matted bronze chain. I love this but it's a little bit dressy to pair with tees. I've to figure out to squeeze this round my neck somehow.

I *heart* this top. Forever 21 floral print top. I tried this on at the store itself and fell in love with it. Alas, the retail price of $48 put me off. I was lucky enough to find a forever 21 spree a few days after and purchased it online for only S$36. That's a healthy $12 savings. Yay. It reminds me of the vintagy sweet Rachel Bilson. Haha.

I didnt get to bid on the asos casino necklace. But thanks to another spree, I'm getting this aquamarine-y sea charm necklace from asos. It was only going for 3 pounds. Overall with shipping etc, this pretty thing will cost me $13-$15. Yay. I'm looking forward to pair this with my junkfood tees.

Offline, I haven't bought anything much. No, actually I haven't bought anything except for this pretty drop earring from Helen. It cost me $12.90. Double yay.

Moral of story: online shopping can be fun. But not without its risks. I ordered a wetseal velour hoodie but it never came. My spree organiser is contacting its pathetic customer service. Le sigh. Let's pray it'll be on it's way here.


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e beaded necklaces frm’s cheaper if u go to this shop somewhere before’s within walking distance frm city hall mrt .. there’s a few shops there selling costume jewellery..

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