of leggings and skinnies

Posted on: May 17, 2006

These days, a surf at any Hollywood gossip blogs/sites will reveal the same old same: celebs in oversized tops, flats and leggings. I think leggings are gross if you aren't stick thin. So being ahem, not stick thin, I'm not really into them. So are skinny pants/jeans. Sigh, maybe I should start dieting starving or something. Cos the following celebs look great in those!

Mischa Barton. She can't act, but she can, erm wear clothes well. Especially here. Vintage tee, skinny jeans and a cute flat. The baby blue coat just completes the whole look. Too bad it's damn humid here or else I'd have stocked on coats/blazers. Bah.

I love Jessica Alba. You should watch her doing a parody of Jessica Simpson in Newlyweds on MadTV. Darn funny. Anyways, she's doing the legging thing very right. With the long polo and cinched belt, she looks amazing even when getting coffee. I heard her family are all over-sized and to become healthier, she started cooking her own meals since 12 or smth. I've read this trivia countless times, but too bad it's only a mere inspiration that never materialised for me. Hoho.

Carmen Electra looks a-ma-zing in this! I dont know why but it's very Marc Jacob-y too, which btw, I like. 😀 She's known for her trashier outfits but this, is simply pretty. See the skinny pants with those killer pumps? And the coat! Ok, I'd better stop gushing.

Sigh sigh sigh. I know I should stop eating those brownies and go for a jog. But being as plain lazy as I am, I cannot be bothered. Hah. In that case, my bootcut jeans will do pretty fine for me now. As the havaianas. I can simply take solace in Ashlee Simpson, as seen below. No leggings nor skinnies, she looks cute still. (And this coming from someone who never found this blondie pretty).

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