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I love junk food. Pardon the pun. I eat all sorts of junk food, yes. From Haagen Daz strawberry cheesecake ice-cream to the $1 buy 1 get 1 free cheep cones from Yes Supermarket. I stuff myself with Kettle chips to Jack n Jill chips. I eat all sorts of chocs from Cadbury chocolate bars to Almond Roca. So when a tee shirt brand named Junkfood comes along, I was sure to snap them up. The only hitch: A little pricey for the newly printed ones. The good news, though: Dept stores like Alloy and Delias sell them as low as $14 during their clearance sales. I got 4 for S$100 off eBay not a long time ago. I love them loads. Here's a couple I saw at Alloy.





Alright, so they may not be the items everyone will be lusting for. But at least, I'm keeping them in check. So maybe the next time I get some moolahs somehow, I'll prolly get 'em. But unfortch, most are sale items so I dont think they'll be available for long. *sigh*







They should all be mine. I can imagine wearing the Junkfood ones with jeans to school. I can imagine myself in the f21 tops with bermuda shorts listening to dreary lectures. The power of imagination. Where's the money when I want them?! If bryanboy lives in a third world country and is decked in Fendi and LV, where do I live? The fourth world?? Gah!

These days, a surf at any Hollywood gossip blogs/sites will reveal the same old same: celebs in oversized tops, flats and leggings. I think leggings are gross if you aren't stick thin. So being ahem, not stick thin, I'm not really into them. So are skinny pants/jeans. Sigh, maybe I should start dieting starving or something. Cos the following celebs look great in those!

Mischa Barton. She can't act, but she can, erm wear clothes well. Especially here. Vintage tee, skinny jeans and a cute flat. The baby blue coat just completes the whole look. Too bad it's damn humid here or else I'd have stocked on coats/blazers. Bah.

I love Jessica Alba. You should watch her doing a parody of Jessica Simpson in Newlyweds on MadTV. Darn funny. Anyways, she's doing the legging thing very right. With the long polo and cinched belt, she looks amazing even when getting coffee. I heard her family are all over-sized and to become healthier, she started cooking her own meals since 12 or smth. I've read this trivia countless times, but too bad it's only a mere inspiration that never materialised for me. Hoho.

Carmen Electra looks a-ma-zing in this! I dont know why but it's very Marc Jacob-y too, which btw, I like. 😀 She's known for her trashier outfits but this, is simply pretty. See the skinny pants with those killer pumps? And the coat! Ok, I'd better stop gushing.

Sigh sigh sigh. I know I should stop eating those brownies and go for a jog. But being as plain lazy as I am, I cannot be bothered. Hah. In that case, my bootcut jeans will do pretty fine for me now. As the havaianas. I can simply take solace in Ashlee Simpson, as seen below. No leggings nor skinnies, she looks cute still. (And this coming from someone who never found this blondie pretty).

 All pics courtesy of

Wetseal elbow sleeve stripe top. I got this for USD14.99 and to my horror, snow white informed me it's gg on sale for USD9.99. But never mind, this top is so adorable. I can pair it with my black beaded necklace.

Forever 21 antique bead necklace. USD 4.80/5.80/6.80 I cant rmr. It's a matted gold chain with pink and dirty green tiny beads. It's pretty long if I dont loop it twice. I've figured a nicer way to wear it: Loop it once and tie a knot at the end of the necklace 🙂

Another forever 21 triple strand necklace. Price a little bit different from above but withing the same range. It has silvery green beads and a matted bronze chain. I love this but it's a little bit dressy to pair with tees. I've to figure out to squeeze this round my neck somehow.

I *heart* this top. Forever 21 floral print top. I tried this on at the store itself and fell in love with it. Alas, the retail price of $48 put me off. I was lucky enough to find a forever 21 spree a few days after and purchased it online for only S$36. That's a healthy $12 savings. Yay. It reminds me of the vintagy sweet Rachel Bilson. Haha.

I didnt get to bid on the asos casino necklace. But thanks to another spree, I'm getting this aquamarine-y sea charm necklace from asos. It was only going for 3 pounds. Overall with shipping etc, this pretty thing will cost me $13-$15. Yay. I'm looking forward to pair this with my junkfood tees.

Offline, I haven't bought anything much. No, actually I haven't bought anything except for this pretty drop earring from Helen. It cost me $12.90. Double yay.

Moral of story: online shopping can be fun. But not without its risks. I ordered a wetseal velour hoodie but it never came. My spree organiser is contacting its pathetic customer service. Le sigh. Let's pray it'll be on it's way here.

It's so fun having your own so-called fashion blog. You can play pretend magazine writer and write 'articles' about anything you want. And best of all? There is no Anna Wintour breathing down your neck. 😉

Let me start my virgin article with the topic on jewellery. I have to admit that a year ago, I would squirm at the thought of buying accessories. It's a waste of money, no? Apparently not, I found out. You can buy as many plain and dull tops as possible and still look great when you put on a pretty earring or a stunning necklace. Or adorn your wrist with a funky charm bracelet that's all the rage now or a boho bangle to go. Accessories are so adorable I'm turning into those people who buy them for the sake of buying. In other words, I feel happy looking at them on my dressing table. 😀

For the record I have 3 bangles, 3 beaded necklaces and a few earrings. I don't fancy big earrings cos I find them heavy and a distraction. (Weird, I know). I found my love for bangles/charm bracelets earlier this year but in school, they're another distraction cos it's hard to write/type with a bangle-ed wrist. Thus necklaces ruled the day for me. Currently, I'm waiting for 2 Forever 21 necklaces to arrive. I can't wait.

Meantime, let's see some of the beauties that have caught my eye.


Asos Long Casino Charm Necklace. At Yahoo auctions for S$15. It's such a good deal. Maybe I should place a bid when it's about to close. 😛


Juicy Couture mini charm bracelet. US$125. This piece reminds me of the one Jodie Kidd wore in the travelouge show Fashion Avenue now showing on Discovery Travel & Living. I thought it'd be great to pair with my yet-to-be-arrived Forever 21 vintage top. 😀

Well, failing to get the Juicy Couture charm, I could always pair my new top with this. Asos winter charm bracelet. I bought it for S$30 off Yahoo. Could have saved a bit more when there was the clearance but oh wells. I wore this to school once. The lady at the canteen commented it was really pretty when I handed her the monies. I beamed, of course. And blushed. 😛


Lisa Stewart circle swirl pendant. US$150. Its much alike the one Hilary Duff wore in The Perfect Man. Watch the movie for Duff's pretty vintage tops!


  Delias layered nautical necklace. US$14.50. It's 3-in-1. Great for pairing with a soft peasant blouse or a Junkfood tee. Haha.

Delias weave bangles. US$12.50 each. I think Asos used to carry similar ones at a much much cheaper clearance price. Too bad all their sales stuff get wiped out really fast. Or there just aren't any sprees. 😦

UO tiny charms necklace. US$16. I thought this was pretty. Not as heavy as the layered nautical one from Delias. And it has a tiny handbag charm. Cute.

I gathered a few things when buying accessories. They're all part of a current trend. What happens when the boho/nautical/charm season wears out? I think the key to it is:

  1. Not spending a bomb on these things or else you'll feel the pinch when the particular season is over.
  2. Play around the accessories with different outfits. It doesn't have to be a carbon copy of the one you see on the runway.
  3. Invest in a good display set. Even if you don't feel like wearing them, you can always admire them. 😀

That reminds me, No.3 is something I've yet to do. I'm a mess at my dressing table. Haha. Anyways, jewellery's always a girl's best friend. It doesn't have to be diamonds, you know. 😉

New blog by US the snowy sisters. Will be back soon to review more stuffs once i know how to operate this whole wordpress thingy. 🙂

Stay tuned